The Temple Public Library is located at 100 W. Adams between First and Third streets in downtown Temple.

Friends of the Temple Public Library
100 W. Adams Ave
Temple, TX 76501

Phone: 254-298-5556

‚ÄčMission Statement

The Friends of the Temple Public Library is a non-profit organization that supports the Library by enhancing its resources, encouraging literacy, increasing access to information and knowledge, and influencing the love of reading in the community.

Funds are used for a variety of requests including:

Purchase of a bookmobile

Computer-booking software and subscriptions for downloading audio and e-books

Events featuring well-known authors

Equipment, furniture, and aesthetic additions not covered by city funds

Tex Appeal, Life and Style in Central Texas, Article. Interview with Carol Hodge, Leigh Gardner, and Jocylin Francis

Friends Labor Day 2018 Newsletter